Services – Ecommerce/ FBA Clearance


US Customs allows most individual orders valued under $800 USD to be entered and cleared duty free into the USA.    This entry type is known as a Section 321 Informal Entry.   Using this entry type, importers can consolidate all their qualifying orders under one entry without H.S. Codes and benefit from duty free entry.   

Most goods cleared via a section 321 informal entry are imported under Part 128 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).   As such, they are imported to facilities with port codes that define them as Express facilities or ECCF's.      Many express operators are also able to clear via freight facilities (with section 321 processes) known as a Container Freight Station or CFS.

For importers who have H.S. codes, it may be best to use a Section 321 "type 86" entry.  Using this entry type, goods can be imported via traditional methods using the Automated Broker Interface or ABI system.

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